Tom Yuhas & Tom Honsa

What could be possibly be better than to spend a Saturday morning outdoors listening to great music by a handsome guy named Tom? Only one thing – listening to two guys named Tom! Tom Honsa and Tom Yuhas return to entertain visitors of the Farmers’ Market with their individual and combined offerings from Hank Williams to Bob Dylan to the Beatles. You’ll enjoy traditional tunes, classic country and the best folk and pop music from the sixties to the present. Don’t be shy – there will be plenty of opportunities to join them in song!

Rosemary & Larry Knopf

Rosemary are a husband and wife duo who have supported the Frostville Market with their music since it’s beginning.  A good portion of their music is original and is written by Larry.  He has a variety of songs… some observational and some with specific themes.  They round out their music with an eclectic selection of  some of their favorite songs chosen from various genres.  Larry and Rosemary take turns singing and playing…and can’t think of a better way to spend a Saturday morning than performing in a natural setting and meeting new people. 

Kathy Johnson Trio
With Kathy Johnson on lead vocals and guitar, Mary Starbuck on harmony vocals, and Jim Stone (also of the Smokin’ Fez Monkeys) on stand-up bass and guitar, this engaging trio plays an entertaining selection of acoustic music ranging from heartfelt to hilarious.  Their eclectic repertoire is drawn from folk music (including old cowboy songs), Joni Mitchell, the Beatles, Hank Williams, etc., and some of Kathy’s well-written originals, like the inspiring “Follow Your Dreams” and the humorous “Well-Tanned, Hairy-Chested, Bare-Armed Men” and “Nancy Drew.”  Kathy’s four CDs have all gotten great reviews, and her latest was up for a Grammy for Best Folk Album.

Nora’s Good Eye

Nora’s Good Eye is a “garage folk” collective that came to fruition during the winter of 2012/2013. The regular cast of characters includes: Chris- guitar, vocals, kazoo Elyse- vocals, guitar, slidewhistle Eric- mandolin, vocals, guitar, harmonica Jacklyn- vocals, percussion, ukulele, guitar Tanya- violin, bass.

Bojo Mojo

A Cleveland, Ohio band, Boho Mojo brings us Folk, Rock, and Blues from the 60’s and 70’s and beyond.  The band includes:  Joy Parrish (Rhythm guitar, Bass and Vocals), Cindy Strieter-Boland (Keyboard, Percussion, Vocals), Bob Houry, (Lead Guitar, Vocals), and Dave Lamar (Drums, Vocals).

Dazed & Confused

Seven years ago Mark Horning and William Kiehn met at church and found that they had a common interest in music. After a couple of practice sessions they began performing together.  At first, they combined William’s acoustic guitar with Mountain Dulcimer and vocals by Mark, playing Appalachian flavored tunes including original compositions by Mark. With the addition of a 70s era keyboard and electric guitar, they have expanded into rock, blues, and jazz.   

Desmond & Molly

Remember the 60’s… with peace signs, nehru jackets, and flower power?  “Desmond & Molly” take you back to this colorful and expressive era. They are a talented and energetic duo who creatively sing the timeless and popular music of the 60’s, including the Beatles. Over the years “Desmond & Molly” have amassed a repertoire that is sure to please!

Jenny Baird

Jenny Baird is a self-professed lover of words and music. Songwriting is her MO. Singing is second only to breathing. Stylistically, she trends toward the simple, always aiming for a strong, singable melody. When asked what inspires her, she’ll tell you, “I am deeply impacted and inspired by the works of Madeleine L’Engle, C.S. Lewis and other great storytellers. Nothing grabs my heart and speaks to the deepest parts of me like a story, so my music tends to have storytelling qualities to it. And there is nothing more inspiring to me than the love and story of Jesus, how he came to earth to redeem and rescue us. So any story with a theme of redemption and great love is my favorite! I hope my music can reflect that, as well.” 

Did you know that our Frostville musical guests donate their time in support of our Market?  Because they are so awesome, please consider a nice little donation to their tip jar or purchase their CD or other merchandise!  They’re part of supporting our local community too! 

Thanks Frostville friends!